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Leonor Gonzales

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Leonor C. Gonzales

Leonor C. Gonzales
Attorney at Law
1 (213) 416-2472
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Attorney Leonor C. Gonzales joined the Law Firm of DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo on June 5, 2005. Ms. Gonzales is one of the Attorneys assigned to the Worker’s Compensation Department.


Ms. Gonzales graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law and was admitted to the State Bar of California in December of 1989. During her three years at the law school, Ms. Gonzales was active in the Hispanic Law Students’ Association. Her participation included the position of the Admissions Coordinator for that group. Ms. Gonzales also actively participated in the Law School’s co-ed softball team and was often the only female student on the team.

Legal Experience

Ms. Gonzales’ legal experience began with obtaining a position at the Legal Aid Society of Orange County in 1989, where she was a diligent advocate for low-income families in the areas of Landlord/Tenant disputes, improper denial of government benefits, Family Law and Consumer Law. Ms. Gonzales’ zeal in representing her clients against landlord and government entities was evident, as she conducted anywhere from 50 to 100 trials each year. Ms. Gonzales worked with the Legal Aid Society of Orange County for six years, until the Legal Aid Society was forced into drastic lay-offs due to the government funding cutbacks of the Reagan Administration. Ms. Gonzales’ subsequent legal experience involved contract work for several Personal Injury and Criminal Defense and Law Firms until her association with DiMarco, Araujo and Montevideo began in 2005.

Association Membership

She has also participated as a member of the Los Angeles Mexican-American Bar Association and is a member of the Civil Litigation division of the California State Bar.

California Certificated Teacher

In addition to holding a Juris Doctorate degree, Ms. Gonzales is also a California Certificated Teacher and holds a Life Teaching Credential. Ms. Gonzales often intertwines her love of teaching with her love for practicing law. At the DAM Firm, Ms. Gonzales welcomed the opportunity to combine these two areas by participating as a guest speaker for the course, “Hispanics and the Law”, at California State University at Fullerton, taught by Jess Araujo, a partner of the DAM Firm. Ms. Gonzales conducted the Civil Rights section of the course at the invitation of Mr. Araujo and received enthusiastic approval ratings by the students.

Due to her passion for justice, Ms. Gonzales is happiest when advocating for Applicants with complex issues when the odds are against them, and is invigorated by the unusual challenges often posed by these extraordinary cases, routinely going well beyond the call of duty to ardently defend and pursue the rights of her clients against the Goliaths of big business and government.


Ms. Gonzales’ personal interests are wide and varied, including sports, movies, political discussions, cooking and spending time with her four daughters and her husband. She has found a well-deserved niche with the DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo Law Firm and is highly esteemed for her invaluable contributions to our clients.


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